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Audre Lorde Biography – life Story, Career, Awards, Age, Height

Quick Facts

  • Date Of Borthday February 18, 1934
  • Nationality American
  • Famous Writer
  • Sun Sign Aquarius
  • Born In Harlem, New York City
  • Father Name Frederick Byron Lorde
  • Mother Name Linda Gertrude Belmar Lorde
  • Siblings Helen, Phyllis
  • Children Elizabeth Lorde-Rollins, Jonathon Rollins
  • City New York City
  • Education Hunter College High School, New York City, NY (1954), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (one year), Hunter College (1959), MLS, Columbia University (1960)
  • Awards 1981 - American Book Awards - Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Poetry
  • Spouse Edward Rollins
  • U S State New Yorkers

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