Kristopher Nava Biography – life Story, Career, Awards, Age, Height

Kristopher Nava is an American singer and musician currently affiliated with the Regional Mexican genre band Tercer Elemento, aka T3R Elemento. Their movies and virtual singles reveal a younger edition of the alternative corrido movement. A native of Nevada, Nava’s mother and father are Mexican immigrants. He has usually been inquisitive about song. In 2015, he were given together with requinto player Felipe Prieto, electric guitarist Sergio Cárdenas, and accordionist Zeus Gamez to form T3R Elemento. They eventually started out performing covers of narco and conventional corridos from the Culiacan and Sinaloa traditions at diverse parties and excessive schools. The organization published stay videos on YouTube and shared home made virtual singles on numerous streaming and down load offerings. This garnered them the eye of the A&R executives at Parra Music, who provided them a record deal. Nava and his bandmates accepted the agreement, and they put out their debut album, a live imparting titled ‘Rafael Caro Quintero en Vivo’, in 2016. Since then, they have welcomed tuba player Carmelo Mosqueda into the institution and have launched two extra albums, ‘Underground’ and ‘The Green Trip’. They have a famous YouTube channel thru which they placed out all in their music movies.
In 2015, Kristopher Nava created Tercer Elemento, aka T3R Elemento, with other musicians of Mexican descent and one among Cuban descent in Las Vegas. Nava is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the group. The different 3 original participants are Felipe Prieto (on requinto), Sergio Cárdenas (on electric powered guitar and back-up vocal), and Zeus Gamez (on accordion). Tuba player Carmelo Mosqueda later joined the institution.
They had attempted to create a musical institution two times earlier than, and both attempts had led to failure. As a end result, they selected the name Tercer Elemento for the institution, which means the “third element”.
They have cited Gerardo Ortiz, Regulo Caro, and lots of different alterna-movimiento artists as their inspirations. After the group changed into shaped, they have become a commonplace fixture in the party and high college circuit, appearing covers of narco and conventional corridos from the Culiacan and Sinaloa traditions. They additionally started importing live movies on YouTube and setting out home made digital singles on diverse streaming and down load offerings. Their tune and the YouTube videos of their stay show drew the attention of the A&R executives at Parra Music, who reached out to them with a recording contract. T3R Elemento subsequently signed to Parra Music and launched their first album, a stay presenting titled ‘Rafael Caro Quintero en Vivo’, in 2016. Named after the notorious Mexican drug trafficker Rafael Caro Quintero, the album is made from 15 covers and unique tracks.

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